13 April, 2016

Integration Services

We solve the problem where clients are reliant on disconnected islands of information which are of limited value when out of context. Common examples include ERP systems, accounting systems, CRM systems, inventory systems, logistic systems & mobile applications. In isolation, these systems often deliver inconsistent or incomplete information as client data is maintained across disparate systems or in systems that cannot be readily accessed by all business units. Software integration provides clients with access to reliable, contextual information, enabling valuable business decisions.

The integration services we provide typically fit within one of the following categories:

Integration As A Service

We can take complete responsibility for architecture development, building, hosting and managing your integration solutions.

It makes no difference to us whether the end-systems are hosted on your own premises or somewhere in the cloud.

Our service includes monitoring and reporting so that you can easily keep track of how well the solution is working for you.

Outcome based Solution Architecture & Development

For some of our clients, the operational model is to deploy integration solutions to their established hosting environment (whether on-premise or in the cloud).

In these circumstances there’s a greater focus on operational handover and implementing an appropriate application-level support model for your integration solution.

Solution Architecture & Development Resources embedded in client project teams

Other clients prefer to run their delivery projects in-house. We can help these projects to succeed by providing experts to work within the delivery team.