15 March, 2013

Project services

The project services we provide typically fit within one of the following categories:

Programme and Project Management

We have a track record of managing and delivering project outcomes on time and on budget, from small projects to large and complex multi-million dollar programmes.

Business Analysis

Our analysts work with our clients to define the business requirements for their systems, to ensure that the solution delivers to the essential functional and non-functional criteria.

Product Selection

We assist our clients by capturing the requirements, managing an RFP process, and helping to assess the options for best fit.


Once the requirements show which solution is the best fit, if it is within our competencies, we will procure this for the client.  Where not, connect them with the most suitable provider.

By using our services, you gain:

  • access to industry best practice methods
  • proven expertise and experience
  • capacity to get the work done promptly
  • control over project risks: failure to achieve the objectives, budget and time overruns

Data centre and network infrastructure

We provide and support data centre infrastructure and networks, including web infrastructure, virtualised servers, storage and backup systems, monitoring and provisioning systems.

Desktop and mobile infrastructure

We provide and support mainstream desktop, portable and mobile computing environments, including Apple and Android systems.

Packaged Applications

We offer off-the-shelf software and configuration services in certain lines; notably: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems; web Content Management Systems (CMS) and wikis.

Software Integration and Development

We offer a range of software products to solve integration issues; including:

  • reporting tools
  • Extract Transform and Load (ETL) tools
  • java and web server middleware
  • database software
  • log and event management software

We offer software development services in standard tools including PHP and Java. Example projects include a digital library web portal, grants management system, mobile device software.

Open Source software

We provide and support both commercial and open source software according to our clients’ requirements. We provide open source software for infrastructure, systems monitoring, and selected applications.