13 April, 2016

CRM Solutions

The CRM solutions we provide typically fit within one of the following categories:

Customer Relationship Management

You want a better return on your sales and marketing investment? Of course, you do! A Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) will help you do that, as our clients will tell you. We work with SugarCRM, a well proven and cost effective CRM with thousands of users across New Zealand and Australia, and millions worldwide.

SugarCRM enables your organisation to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative, flexible and affordable Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) solution available. Sugar will help increase sales productivity and performance by delivering the information you Team needs to be successful.

Unlike traditional CRM solutions that focus primarily on management reporting, Sugar empowers customer facing members of your Team, equipping them with the right information at the right time to transform your customer experience. Sugar pricing is simple and affordable, so you can deploy it to all your customer facing Team, and know what it’s going to cost.

Sugar already has more than 1.5 million users  in over 120  countries.  Our clients include leading organisations like Tru-Test Ltd, Lockwood Homes Ltd, Manuka Health Ltd and the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd.

Relationship Analytics

Sales is the lifeblood of most companies.  Enabling your sales teams and sales management with the right tools and information to increase their competitiveness remains a constant challenge for you. Relationship Analytics significantly improves the value and timeliness of your CRM information to help increase revenues, ensure better forecasting and reduce lost sales.

Tools such as CRM systems like Sugar,  help  to deliver a single customer view, however they are hampered by the lack of quality data since your team needs to use email and voice systems as well, and forget to enter that information into the CRM.  So, intelligent decision-making remains a challenge for you since you don’t have all the information available.

Customer Relationship Management systems are only part of the answer. Only about 10% of your customer interactions end up in your CRM. More than 80% of your customer interactions are by email and phone and aren’t tracked at all because only a few of your team use your CRM. Usually this is because it’s not readily understood that anyone in your business who “touches” a customer is part of your overall relationship.

How can you solve this problem without spending large amounts of money and retraining all your people? We’re now working in a new field, called Relationship Analytics, and we use software tools, like TrustSphere, to address this issue.

You want to know who interacted with the customer, and when, and what that interaction was about. Why do we want to know about these interactions?

  • The proverbial 360º Customer View – Who, What, When. Where
  • Ensuring critical or key customers are contacted on a planned/regular basis
  • Increased revenue since key sales opportunities are being properly followed up
  • Not losing revenue by neglecting a customer
  • Your team will work together more effectively
  • And much more

Relationship Analytics tells us things like:

  • Who is talking to your customer, whether or not they are a CRM user
  • The strength of your customer relationship and how often you communicate
  • Suggest who else you should be talking to

Knowing these things like this will help ensure that your key sales opportunities are followed up properly, your key accounts are looked after and key customer contacts identified, resulting in overall increasing of your sales revenue.

TrustSphere solutions provide a complete set of Relationship Analytics from your communication systems, like email and voice and making it available in your CRM. Even for users who don’t have CRM access, due to license costs,  TrustSphere enables your team to see who communicated with your customer, how and when.

Other TrustSphere solution include People Analytics for better people management and Risk Analytics for better compliance management and to reduce fraud. Our clients  include Certus Solutions Ltd, who use Sugar and TrustSphere to ensure their their team has all the information they need, when they need it.

SugarCRM Plugins

Zarafa Email Integration

Zarafa provides open source collaboration tools to millions of users worldwide, including  integrated  Email, Calendar, Contacts, Web Meetings and much more for both Browser and Mobile Users.  Its open source base means much lower cost of ownership combined with  an ease of use that maximises user adoption. Low cost of ownership and ease of use make it an exceptional Microsoft Exchange™ alternative.

Our Sugar-Zarafa  Integration ensures your have the best collaboration tools combined with the power of Sugar to deliver Account and Contact synchronisation to give that single customer view and eliminate duplicate and redundant data.

If you need Sugar integration with your core business systems,  collaboration tools or anything else, we have the experience and the skills to help.

SMS Gateway

Our Sugar – SMS Messaging integration provides a cost effective way  to deliver SMS communication  and activity recording  in Sugar. It uses the standard Sugar user interface making it extremely easy to  lean and use.  We track sending and receipt with a full activity history, just like Emails, Calls and Tasks in Sugar.

We have used a generally accepted SMS API to allow to use virtually any SMS Gateway, rather than gateways like Twilio™, with their associated SMS costs. You can choose the most cost-effective SMS Gateway to meet your specific budgets and business needs. Whether it’s a single SMS message or an SMS Messaging Campaign, we can meet your needs.

If you need Sugar integration with your SMS Messaging or anything else, we have the experience and the skills to help.


You spend your day in your CRM , communicating with your customers and leads , scheduling meetings and responding to inquiries.. You want to ensure that you are contacting the right people at the right time, with the least CRM data entry possible.

Viabl tells you who you have contacted recently and who’s due, with an easy to see traffic light, and also gives you  one-click buttons for contact related activities like call logging, meeting logging and sending emails.  Viabl allows you to do much more in less time while keeping your CRM current and up-to-date.

Viabl is also available for Salesforce CRM™  and  Microsoft Dynamics CRM™  . So why not do much more in less time in your CRM?