15 March, 2013

Consulting Services

By using our consulting services, you gain:

  • access to industry best practice methods
  • proven expertise and experience
  • capacity to get the work done promptly
  • reduced risk of poor I.T. choices: wasted investment, loss of flexibility, on-going operational risk.

The consulting services we provide typically fit within one of the following categories:

Information Systems Strategic Planning

We work with clients to develop an IS strategic plan and programme of work which will support the organisation's success, by:

  • defining the IS strategy to align with the organisation's strategic objectives
  • deriving an IS plan, a prioritised programme of work, resourcing & budgets.

Options analysis, RFPs and Business Cases

We assist clients to make effective investment decisions for each individual project on their roadmap, through:

  • baseline assessment
  • requirements specification
  • options analysis and assessment
  • Total Cost of Ownership modelling
  • right-sourcing: insource versus selective/full outsource versus cloud
  • RFP management
  • vendor selection
  • business case development
  • contract negotiation.

Business Continuity Planning

We work with clients to identify their exposure to risks and to ensure the business' ability to operate by putting appropriate protections in place:

  • risk analysis
  • business impact analysis
  • recovery solution design, implementation, testing
  • regular testing and verification

Review and Improvement

We assist clients periodically review current systems, to identify and achieve improvements in effectiveness, risks, and cost:

  • project reviews
  • cost of ownership reviews
  • capacity modelling
  • risk reviews, operational process, security reviews
  • service level and supplier reviews.

Embedding Best Practices

We assist clients to raise their organisational maturity through the pragmatic use of industry best practice frameworks, standards, policies and architectures:

  • strategic planning methods
  • programme and project governance and management
  • enterprise architecture
  • service portfolio management, solution design, service transition, operations, improvement
  • quality assurance.