How automation and data input drives user adoption

Resistance to change can manifest itself in many ways. One of the most widely heard objections is the input of customer data for no perceived value. Automation of data input and targeted views into this data reverse this motivation and help with buy-in at all levels of your organisation.Sugar CRM process automation from OSS Group

Process Automation – The goals of process automation is eliminating manual, time-consuming and costly tasks within an organisation, and increasing assurance over the timely and accurate completion of processes and their data. Automation of manual work increases efficiency and improves productivity, reducing overall operational costs; but better data also drives better customer insights and business decisions.

Sugar CRM’s process automation toolsets are designed to automate your customer-facing processes, for example, automatically creating Support Cases from Inbound Emails Sugar can be configured to monitor group email accounts and then perform a corresponding action, i.e. emails sent to a monitored group mail account will be automatically converted into a Sugar case record.

Automate data input from other sources – don’t leave your CRM application sitting on its own, as this will limit its effectiveness in providing a holistic view of your customers.

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Essential CRM tools to improve staff productivity


At this year’s SugarCRM annual conference Rich Green, Chief Product Office at SugarCRM gave a very good keynote presentation on IT industry trends about the speed of innovation and what they are focusing on. He talked about the imbalance of traditional CRM when comparing this to the Google business model: that the user’s inputs very little compared to the value, they get back. This is a big focus area for SugarCRM, with a big push in developing more technology solutions to create a better balance between how much the user puts in and the value of information the user gets out of the system. Have a look at this video of what the future might look like:

SugarCRM Hint!

In June this year, SugarCRM unveiled a new and exciting product called Hint. Hint automatically searches, tunes, and inputs helpful personal and corporate profile details about your prospect straight from Social Media into SugarCRM. A click of a button is all it takes to enrich your Contact data with supporting information. Unfortunately, Hint isn’t currently available in APAC but will be arriving in due course. Watch this space.

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