5 key business processes to drive CRM user adoption

During this year’s Sugar Conference, I had the opportunity to network with a number of external Sugar customers and prospects, and also speak with some of our local customers. User Adoption was a common theme in these conversations.

What was even more interesting was that some organisations had been CRM users for some years, yet they still struggled with getting their salespeople and marketing teams to maintain quality information in the CRM.

Communicating with staff on key business objectives by OSS GroupKey issues raised by managers included:

“users aren’t using the system as often as we’d like them to”

Salespeople had a different view:

“we have to input so much data”

“it’s just a reporting tool for management.”

The issues raised by Management are directly due to the challenges faced by the Salespeople. Most of these issues can be easily avoided or can be resolved with a little perseverance. Here are a few items your organisation should focus on:

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