Essential CRM tools to improve staff productivity


At this year’s SugarCRM annual conference Rich Green, Chief Product Office at SugarCRM gave a very good keynote presentation on IT industry trends about the speed of innovation and what they are focusing on. He talked about the imbalance of traditional CRM when comparing this to the Google business model: that the user’s inputs very little compared to the value, they get back. This is a big focus area for SugarCRM, with a big push in developing more technology solutions to create a better balance between how much the user puts in and the value of information the user gets out of the system. Have a look at this video of what the future might look like:

SugarCRM Hint!

In June this year, SugarCRM unveiled a new and exciting product called Hint. Hint automatically searches, tunes, and inputs helpful personal and corporate profile details about your prospect straight from Social Media into SugarCRM. A click of a button is all it takes to enrich your Contact data with supporting information. Unfortunately, Hint isn’t currently available in APAC but will be arriving in due course. Watch this space.



TrustSphere, a relationship analytics solution is another compelling product that provides more information to your CRM users.

While Hint collects information about a prospect you don’t know about, TrustSphere collects useful information about the contacts you do interact with and looks at the strength of the relationships, both internal and external.

The three key areas that it focuses on are Sales Analytics, Risk Analytics and People Analytics. To expand on Sales Analytics, it provides:

  • Visual Relationship Strength. By being able to identify accounts visually, the Sales Manager can forecast more accurately and assist sales teams to focus on closing business.
  • Account Transition Report Allows a Sales Manager to objectively review each account handled by an outgoing sales representative and thus minimise the revenue impact of any departure.
  • Driving Adoption Given that often a minority of customer interactions make it into the CRM, sales analytics provide additional customer insights which drive use of the platform.

This is an example of a tool that requires no data input from the user, it simply runs in the background and provides the information back to the users. How epic is that!

SugarCRM Customer Journey

The Customer Journey plug-in has been released for over a year now – this is a great product and should be considered if you’re looking to help improve user adoption. This solution helps you create, visualise and standardise your processes in Sugar. You build out journeys based on your internal processes, assign different stages, and are able to do the across multiple modules, e.g,leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts and even with your own custom modules. There is a few key point I’d like to make as to why you would want this plug-in:

  • Process standardisation – for example, a triage process, lead qualification process, steps, or questions to qualify a lead, one to several stage processes. Migrating from one system to another, what information and what steps should be taken to generate an accurate estimate, etc. Another example, if you’re a sales organisation, is an account management program, yearly touch points or follow-ups, you could set up a process to guide your teams to schedule those activities as well as what to talk about.
  • User adoption – it will provide you with the ability to guide users how on how to navigate within SugarCRM and pick up your internal process. For example, showing a new salesperson what your sales process is, what steps they should take and in what order, making it easy for them to pick things up and get selling sooner.
  • Increased sales – by having better process standardisation and user adoption this should lead to increased sales.

These are just some examples of many tools that help you improve you CRM implementation. There are many more tools available depending on issues you are trying to address or resolve. Best of all – if there isn’t a tool we have the team to create it.

If you would like to know more about any of these solutions please contact me directly and we can discuss these further or provide a more detailed demo.




Dominik Firsow – Account Manager